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Business Appraisal Support

Don’t have the bandwidth to model out the comparative quantitative analysis that often accompanies the guideline public company method? Would you like another appraiser to provide a “second look” at your conclusions? No problem! Let us help you with maintaining compliance with professional standards, providing independent analytical corroboration to your processes, and further supporting your valuation conclusions. ValuAnalytics can help to increase the efficiency of your process by reducing the time spent on modeling nuances, so you can focus on issuing your conclusion and developing more business!

For your convenience, we provide our narrative deliverable in word processor format and the exhibits in spreadsheet format so that you can adjust formatting to align with your existing templates and reports. Every engagement includes a 30-minute consultation to review the deliverable and answer any questions you may have regarding the analytics. Please contact us to request a redacted sample deliverable.
ValuAnalytics LLC