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10.8우르곳정글●육식정글●티어올리세요!(10.8 Urgot Jungle-Meat Jungle-Tear!)

안녕하세요 모탱이 입니다
이번영상은 우르곳정글입니다 제가볼떄는 우르곳정글은 육식정글입니다
너무좋고 너무 쎄고 최고입니다 우르곳 정글로 티어올리세요!!
이번영상도 잘부탁드립니다!!
Hello, this is Motin.
This video is called Urgot Jungle. I think Urgot Jungle is meat Jungle.
It's great, it's strong, it's the best. Tie it up with Urgot Jungle!!
Please take good care of this video!!